The bearish trend line

The Ether price corrected up a few points towards resistance at $450
The bearish trend line that was highlighted yesterday with a resistance at $452 on the hourly chart is intact.
ETH fought to move over $450 and the 100-hour SMA
The Ethereum price remains in a declining zone against the US dollar and bitcoin. ETH could move further down as long as it is below $450.

Technical indicators Signals

Yesterday the price moved further down and was close to $420 against the US dollar. Ether hit a low at $419.96 before initiating an upward correction. It moved higher and broke resistance at $430, but another rally was limited by the $450 level. The 100-hour SMA is close to the $450 level and thus also acts as dynamic resistance, underpinning the strength of the $450 level. In addition, the resistance of the bearish trend line is at $452.

Ethereum Chart from TradingView

Ethereum price analysis with Bitcoin Profit

Looking at the chart, it seems that the price is not really stable. To initiate a recovery, the price must overcome the resistance of $450, the 100 hours SMA and the trend line. The MACD is slowly moving into the bullish zone. The RSI is currently moving towards 50 and between onlinebetrug signals a fairly balanced relationship between buyer and seller. The highest support level is $420, while the resistance is $452.

Ripple Price Highlights
The Ripple price traded near the resistance of $0.4750
There is a short rising channel on the hourly chart with support at $0.4620
XRP could break the channel’s support level and continue its downward trend
The Ripple price is currently consolidating losses against the US dollar and bitcoin. XRP could resume its decline if the price does not rise above $0.4750 and $0.4800.

Technical indicators Signals
There was a short-term low near $0.4470. XRP began a slight upward correction, trading above resistance at $0.4550, but the rally saw strong selling interest close to resistance at $0.4750. A new downward pressure was released and the price moved back below $0.4700. There appears to be a short-term rising channel with support at $0.4620 on the hourly chart. However, to begin a recovery, the price must move above the $0.4750 resistance level. In addition, the next hurdles for buyers are $0.4800 and $0.4900.

Ripple price analysis and Ethereum Code

If the price does not hold support at $0.4620 and $0.4600, it could re-test the low at $0.4470. On the other hand, the most important support is currently $0.4200. The MACD is about to move back into the declining zone. The RSI is now back below the 50 mark and signals a Ethereum Code balanced relationship between buyer and seller. Short-term support is currently at $0.4600, while resistance is at $0.4750.

Bitcoin Cash Prize Highlights
Bitcoin Cash moved a few points above $700 but failed to gain momentum against the US dollar
The important bearish trend line with a resistance at $708 on the hourly chart was breached.
Technical indicators Signals
Yesterday there was a small uptrend starting from the $688 low. An upward movement began and the price even reached $700. More importantly, however, this week’s important bearish trend line was breached with a resistance at $708 on the hourly chart. However, the price could not gain momentum after breaking the trend line and the $700 mark. The 100 hours of SMA and the resistance of $720 kept further gains in check. The price is under pressure again and could breach the $700 mark.

Bitcoin Futures with new highs in daily volume

When Cboe and CME launched their Bitcoin Futures products last year, many saw this as an interesting opportunity for digital currencies. After almost a decade on the brink of the financial system, mainstream investors finally welcomed Bitcoin.

Some thought that futures contracts would lead to wider acceptance by large banks and others saw it as an opportunity to involve traditional investors in crypto markets.

Bitcoin Futures
On its first day of trading, Cboe’s website almost crashed when investors discovered this new investment opportunity. Since then, little attention has been paid to the Bitcoin futures markets by investors or experts. The collective attention of the crypto community turned to the fast-moving markets and the threat of regulatory fears.

Record-breaking daily volumes
The numbers are impressive. According to Kevin Davitt, senior instructor at the Cboe Options Institute:”…18,210 contracts and….a total of 19,000 bitcoin futures…[on Wednesday].”

Investors thus traded an additional 4,000 contracts than usual. According to the official Twitter account of Cboe, Bitcoin futures are traded at three times their average daily turnover.

Bitcoin Futures as an indicator
Bitcoin futures are trading almost 500 points higher than last week. In the past, contracts became more and more popular. The sudden popularity of Bitcoin futures reflects a burgeoning upward movement of figures like Tom Lee, Tim Draper and others across the broad crypto spectrum. Unlike crypto exchanges, which are always open, the Cboe and CME exchanges are only open on working days at fixed times.